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Since 1992, Gleeson Powers has been a leading single-source firestopping contractor. 

Since 1992, Gleeson Powers has been a leading single-source firestopping contractor specializing in the installation of firestop systems and smokeseal assemblies. Gleeson Powers was the first Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Qualified Firestop Contractor and among the first companies to be an Factory Mutual (FM) 4991 Approved Firestop Contractor. These highly respected third party accrediting agencies ensure quality and care, which we pride ourselves on bringing to each and every job.

Firestop Installation

As an FM Approved Firestop Contractor and a UL Qualified Firestop Contractor, firestopping is our core service offering. Our specialty is maintaining and restoring the integrity of fire rated assemblies through the installation of tested and listed firestop systems. Our expertise includes: through penetrations, construction joints, including top and bottom of wall, edge of slab and perimeter fire and smoke containment.

Sole-source Firestopping

If you are considering sole-sourcing firestopping on your next project, Gleeson Powers can help. Our extensive experience allows us to assist in budgeting throughout the project design – from from schematic design to construction documents. We have served as the sole-source firestop contractor on countless projects, resulting in improved project planning, execution and completion. Having a single point of responsibility throughout the project’s life-cycle benefits all parties, including owners, general contractors, 3rd party inspectors, as well as other subcontractors.

Does your project have 3rd Party Firestop Inspection?

3rd Party Firestop Inspections are increasingly common on commercial buildings. Whether required by building code, or requested by the owner or AHJ, 3rd Party Firestop Inspections have resulted in added scrutiny in the firestopping industry – this is a good thing. The correct installation of tested and listed firestop systems is critical to the long term safety of a building. Gleeson Powers can help you get through a 3rd party firestop inspection with ease – whether you decide ahead of time and bring us in as the sole-source firestop contractor, or are dealing with deficiencies and delays mid-project. Our experience with installing firestop systems vs. firestop materials and addressing situations where there is no system matching in-field conditions (Engineering Judgments) help to keep your project moving forward.