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Caulking in Clean Rooms requires unique attention to detail, Gleeson Powers has you covered.

Gleeson Powers offers our caulking services for controlled and classified Clean Rooms. Caulking in Clean Rooms, ranging from Class 1 environments to temperature-controlled enclosures, requires unique attention to detail. The design specifications of cleanrooms require that finishes be designed to be smooth, easy to clean, nonporous and have minimal ledges and joints. In addition to properly applied caulking to achieve the appropriate Clean Room Classification, appearance is also very important. A visually appealing, neat application adds to the overall feel of the clean room. Gleeson Powers has a professional team of installers who ensure these needs are met. Scheduling for clean room construction can be challenging, and with caulking being one of the last finishes installed, it is often time sensitive. Gleeson Powers works with your team to ensure we are able to schedule manpower to meet the needs of your project.

Clean Room Classification standards can be found here: International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – ISO 14644-1.